Louisiana is more than New Orleans.

From a post entitled: Trip Wrap-Up

On the coast of Louisiana I found a small fort with a long history.  Fort Pike.  Photos below.  The fort was completed in 1827 and served in various capacities until 1890.  It was held by the slave-holding forces at the beginning of the Civil War or War Between the States or the Second Revolutionary War or Slavers Revolt - whatever you wish to call it.

With the advent of large caliber high velocity artillery shells the fort became obsolete -- its brick walls simply could not stand up to the new ordinances.  Although the fort was supplied with 32 and 24 pound cannons from the very start - no shell was ever launched from it during wartime.  The officer's mess was located in a fortified structure within the fort.

Fortified walkways and cannon emplacements were built into the walls of the fort - quite damp and musty at times.

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