Monarda sp.

Monarda sp.
(M. pectinata - Pagoda Plant or M. citriodora austromontana - Lemon Beebalm)
Gallinas Canyon
West Slope of the Black Range, New Mexico, USA

Sometimes I just can’t make an identification from a photograph(s) I made in the field.  In this case I am not sure I would have been able to identify this plant to species in the field - with whatever guides I have.  It is a Monarda, either Monarda citriodora austromontana (Lemon Beebalm) or Monarda pectinata (Pagoda Plant or Plains Beebalm).

In most species accounts I would go on to discuss various aspects of the plant, its scientific description and descriptors, and early specimens.  Here, because I am not sure which species it is I will defer.   


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